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Dicno FX is the liquidity pool (LP) of ZedXe project (a well-established regulated exchange with integration of traditional assets including Forex, Commodities, and Indices with Digital Assets). Dicno FX works as a Traditional Assets’ Management Firm, partnered with individual and institutional investors on ROI based structure providing innovative, easy and relaxed working architecture. With 50 years of combined trading experience, DicnoFX operates Traditional Assets Trading with top industry trading experts to monetize the investments.

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We are an independent asset management firm built by investors, for investors

We invest our clients’ capital using active strategies across discretionary, systematic and specialist solutions. As our industry evolves, we develop new products with global appeal and attractive returns to access new pools of client assets and to adapt to our clients’ changing needs.

DicnoFX built on the strong foundations and continuing in the underlying mission of protecting and enhancing client’s wealth. Having gained our experience in the fields of trading and portfolio management, we always take the conservative approach and ensure that we adhere to even stricter rules and regulations.

We are an independent asset management firm built by investors, for investors.

Our group of financial experts and management masterminds relentlessly explore and follow the waves and evolution of the global financial markets. We have dedicated our resources to providing products, services, tools, market analysis, support and education that will closely and collectively aid our clients in pursuing a much wiser route of trading.

We excel by focusing on truly active management of differentiated investment strategies.

We have designed our partnership products around the core belief that prime service needs to be propelled forward by an earnest desire to safeguard clients’ interests. At DicnoFX we’ve made it our goal to provide unparalleled trading experiences and we have achieved this via superior trading conditions and through rigorous risk management policies that permeate all our offerings.

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